Are dash cams worthwhile?

Are dash cams worthwhile?

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Are dash cams worthwhile? With our Roads becoming more and more congested, dash cameras are a great way to offer a sense of security whilst driving and being stationary. Statistics show a consecutive increase in the number of consumers buying and installing dash cameras every year over the past few years. A wide range of dash cameras on the market allow for a variety of options from entry level models to models that are top of the range. With dash camera technology continuing to advance, allows for purchase of a top spec dash camera at an affordable price meaning they become more of a worthwhile investment for many. The Road Angel Halo Drives packs a 2K recording camera with G-sensor and parking mode technology. (Click link to learn more)

Crash for Cash:

Dubbed ‘hide and crash’, this can involve a fraudster tricking another driver by pretending to give the other driver right of way before quickly moving in front to ‘slam on’ the brakes. Merely having a dash camera can prove vital in not just a crash for cash scheme but in any other incident which may occur. This is important in winning your insurance claims especially with more insurance companies accepting dash camera footage as evidence.


Dash cameras can save you a lot. In the event of an incident which wasn’t recorded with a dash camera, potentially you could lose out and have an increased premium. In many events this increase can be more than the monetary value of installing a dash camera. Experienced dash camera users will argue this sole reason makes having a dash camera worth it.

Worthwhile benefits and facts:

  1. Below is a quote from the RAC website indicating the increase in trends of dash cameras;
  • “Nearly three million motorists are now recording their journeys with in-car cameras, according to a new RAC study. In fact, 25% believe fitting a dash cam will improve their driving, while 69% of those who have had an accident, involving a dispute over who was responsible, think having one would have been useful. Now motorists are starting to see the value of dashboard cameras, an increasing number of insurers are accepting footage when reviewing claims and some companies are offering discounts to those policyholders that have a fully-functioning dash cam installed in their vehicle. “ (1)
  • Telematics and driver improvement - One key feature to look out for in a dash Camera is GPS and telematics data. This will allow for accurate GPS locations to be captured automatically and attaches it to your recorded footage. Overall this will contribute to safer roads in Britain as well as having a driver score which more and more consumers are starting to enjoy and share with friends/family. Products like the best in its class, The Road Angel Halo Pro. (Click link to learn more)
  • Protection in the event of an accident which could occur from the front and/or rear of your vehicle via rear camera option.
  • Record locations of memorable journeys with friends and family and share instantly via companion app for Android and Apple IOS.