Does your dash camera really record at night?

Does your dash camera really record at night?

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Having researched with our latest case study we have compiled information that implies that not all dash cameras are recording during the night. This all depends on how your dash camera has been hardwired, as most dash camera tend to switch off when the ignition of the car is off. Therefore, during the night when your dash camera should be protecting your vehicle it actually isn’t recording anything or even switched on!

How to check if your dash camera is actually recording when the ignition is off?

The best way to check if your dash camera is recording when you have turned your ignition off is to check your SD card footage after a period of time when your car has been parked up with the ignition off. This will be sure to tell you the ultimate truth about your dash camera and if it is doing what it says on the box.

Is your dash camera recording in all weather conditions?

As we are all approaching these frosty and cold nights, can we be sure that our dash cameras are actually recording everything. If you have checked your dash camera and it is recording when your ignition is off this is a good sign, your dash camera is recording! However, unless your dash camera happens to heat your windscreen whilst the vehicle is not occupied all your dash camera may see if a thick layer of ice or frost over the winter!

Again, your dash camera will be failing to keep your vehicle safe until the frost or ice clears the next morning.

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Road Angel will protect your vehicle day and night and in all weather conditions, Road Angel use the most advanced technology to ensure that your dash camera keeps recording throughout the day and night. Keeping them nasty criminals at bay and always watching over your vehicle for any critical accidents or damages.

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