Should I Leave Dash Cam in the Car?

Should I Leave Dash Cam in the Car?

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Drivers who install dash cams often ask whether it is better to leave their dash cams in the car while parked or not. With dash cams becoming an increasingly popular road safety accessory, we have outlined the key considerations for leaving a dash cam in the car below.

Why you should or shouldn’t leave your dash camera in your car

Parking mode

The main reason experienced dash camera users will leave their devices in their car is not out of laziness but due to the parking mode feature.

This feature allows the dash camera to remain powered on and recording after the engine is turned off and the driver has left the vehicle parked up.

Not only does this make for a tidier finish, as you have no trailing wires in the cabin, but it also allows for parking mode functionality to be active. However, the dash cam must be hardwired to have this function. 

Not every dash camera has parking mode but those that do, almost all require you to have the device hardwired into the fuse box, so that it can draw power from the vehicle’s battery, even after the ignition is switched off after the car is parked.

Non parking mode

If you own a dash camera which doesn’t have parking mode, leaving it in the car overnight may only attract unwelcome attention. In those cases, it’s important to remember to remove the device from the windscreen when possible.

Placing it in the glove box away from plain sight is often enough to avoid unwelcome attention. Purchasing a protective pouch or carry case can also ensure that the dash cam does not become damaged.

What if you want parking mode but still want the option to remove the camera when needed?

Always ensure to do your research before purchasing your dash camera. Make sure it fits your needs and requirements for what you want it to do. We recommend the Aura HD3 as this unit has the option for parking mode. The Aura HD3 is stuck onto your front windscreen via an adhesive front clip. The clip detached from the front camera unit itself via a sliding mechanism, meaning you can have the device professionally hardwired in and you can still remove the front camera from your car if you wish to do so.