Top 10 Car Modifications: The Car Mods Must-haves

Top 10 Car Modifications: The Car Mods Must-haves

We've all been there at some point in our lives, wanting to customise our car with car modifications to make our little vehicle on 4 wheels personable with our own individual touch - from welding a cherry bomb exhaust on through to buying pink fluffy seat covers and huge eyelashes for headlights, the number of car modifications are endless but they all result in one thing; reflecting our personality. 

We're going to dive into our top 10 car mods that we think are the most stylish, cost-effective and multi-beneficial car modifications available, that fuel our car modification urges.

10. ECU Remaps/Chip Tuning

ECU Remaps, commonly referred to as 'remapping', is somewhat of an artform, when it comes to car modifications. Some people think of remapping as a 'cheat code' to increasing horsepower, when really it's a safe way to remove the manufacturer restrictions - if done reasonably, correctly and within the means of the engine limitations.

But ECU Remaps don't stop at adding power to the pedal. Remapping can also result in increased fuel efficiency, with 'eco remaps', or can be used to optimise performance, such as changing WHP or torque figures to a more reasonable level to save things like tyre wear & aid with towing power.

9. LED Lighting

LED Lighting in cars is quite a popular car modification. It comes in the shame of both headlights and interior lighting, causing better visibility and faster illumination on the outside, but causing an ambience through colour in the interior. 

There are plenty of plusses for having LED Lighting for your headlights as opposed to the standard lighting, such as energy efficiency, longevity, customisation, cooler operating temperature and reduced strain on the alternator and battery.

In regards to interior LED Lighting, you can choose from a range of colours if you use LED Lighting strips, and you can even replace the reading lights overhead, again with choice of colour. In some cases, LED Lighting for the interior of your car can be controlled by an app to change colour, brightness and much more. 

8. Air Filters

Having a new cold air intake, or air filter as they're commonly known in the car mod scene, will improve performance (although not a huge amount) and may even improve fuel efficiency. The main reason that air filters are used within the car mod scene is to improve engine noise and turbo flutter - if you have a turbo'd car.

If the air flow increase is too large, one thing to bare in mind is that the engine management light may be triggered, due to the sensors reading overflow. 

7. Tinted Windows & Chameleon Tints

Window tints are great, but have you ever of chameleon wind tints? They're all the rage right now, and whilst traditional window tinting isn't typically used on the front windscreen, chameleon window tints are the go to option for this, due to chameleon window tints offering increased privacy without actually breaking any laws, because of the way the colours reflect light from the outside.

Like all windows tints, ensure you get them fitted by a professional who is reputable, as if you get them fitted incorrectly it can become costly and may render your vehicle unusable if breaking any laws.

6. Brake Kits & Upgrades

An car modification making strides in popularity is brake kits and brake upgrades, even more so than previously with the famous Brembo red brake callipers. This time, brakes are being upgraded for performance and style, to ensure your joy and pride is safe with increased stopping power.

One of the main reason why brake kits are a popular car modification is the ability to change the calliper colour. It used to be the Brembo red that were all the rage, but since companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini have introduced a wider range of colours such as green, yellow, white and other standout colours, colour choice for brake callipers is a popular car mod.

5. Exhaust Systems

From the pops and bangs of some slightly obscure and possibly not-very-legal exhaust modifications through to the butterfly-valve sports exhaust the rips open on full throttle, exhaust modifications have always been a popular car modification.

But not everyone wants a custom exhaust to annoy the neighbours or set off car alarms down an acoustic road. Some car exhaust modifications simply do it for the performance gain (more so with a turbo), aesthetics, better heat management for the cars chassis and improved engine efficiency. 

4. ICE & Head Units/Car Stereos

Moving back to the interior car modifications, ICE/Head Units are still popular car modification choices for those wanting to benefit from audio quality as opposed to performance modifications.

Whether you're an audiophile or a basshead, getting a decent car stereo is a must. When you're stuck in the inevitable UK traffic, there's nothing better than belting out some tunes and having a good singalong, with drivers around you looking in and questioning your sanity.

3. Dash Cams

Okay, so we may be a little bit biased here, but for good reason (I promise!). You need to protect your pride and joy, so why not do it in a way where you can protect it using visual evidence and have the opportunity to capture some amazing footage of your cruises, wherever they may take you, and getting footage of some car meet shenanigans? 

A dash cam is definitely a car modification we can get behind, and the best bit about it is it's discreet! Our Road Angel dash cams also come with features such as parking mode and winter mode, meaning you'll always get the footage you need, when you need it.

2. Lowering Kits & Coilovers

Ever heard of 'slamming' your car? Well we don't mean losing control and heading for a tree, we mean the car modification where you lower your car using a lowering kit, such as springs or coilovers, to achieve a lower stance for your love on wheels. 

Whilst they typically help with handling (if setup correctly), they can also be used to enhance aesthetics, as the less arch gap your car shows, the more love heart eye emojis(😍) you get!

1. Alloy Wheels

Historically, alloy wheels were 'steelies' with some plastic trim or spinners, and then the 2000's happened! Performance alloys were made popular, offering lightweight wheels that only performed well, but looked stunning. 

Fast forward 20-odd years, and the range of alloys are endless. Sports, multi-piece, turbines, rally spec - the list now goes on for the variety and style of alloys, all offering a lightweight option to literally decorate your 'wheels'. Alloy wheels are now actually 21% of all car modifications in the UK, just to let you know!