What is the difference between a dash cam with Wifi and one without wifi ?

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One might think that the above question does not signify a big difference, but in fact it makes life a lot easier!

Let me start of by saying before Road Angel I was using one of Road Angel’s competitors’ products and at the time I did not know a great deal about the market so went with one of their entry level dash cam’s (they are the market leaders so you would expect quality!)

Now I was always hesitant with using a dash cam as I am a simple man when it comes to tech and do not like any distractions whilst driving and this dash cam had a screen! But still the pros in having one outweighed the cons.

This product stated that it would record 24 hours a day if hardwired in so when I had purchased from my local Halfords I also had this installed by one of their helpful chaps working on the day.

I was away visiting family and had my car packed on a side street and as to my displeasure the following morning I had noticed the car that was parked in front must of reversed into my car! And even though the damage was not significant I knew it would still cost a few hundred quid at my authorised BMW garage, but not to worry I had my dash cam, or so I thought.

I removed the SD card and inserted into my laptop to view the footage back so I could identify the reg plate and send to the relevant parties in which to my dismay, no footage had been recorded!! I started to research on the product I had and found a lot of other people on forums outline the reliability issues of the product, I thought this brand were market leaders?!

To my dissatisfaction I knew I needed a dash cam in my vehicle and reluctantly I started to research for different brands and I came across Road Angel from to whom I have heard of from the past in the speed awareness devices. I gave them a call (great customer service by the way) and had all the features explained to me in an understandable and practical way and the feature that stood out for me was WiFi. This was because I knew I could now purchase a dash cam, have installed and not ever have to worry about it, and if I ever needed footage or adjust the settings I could do it simply all from my phone.

I have had this installed in my car for 8 months now and I don’t even know it is there! It sits snug under my rearview mirror and I connect to it from time to time just to view back footage and ensure my dash cam is working effectively the way it should, all from the simplicity of my smart phone