When can you park on yellow lines?

When can you park on yellow lines?

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Parking on yellow lines is one of the most commonly discussed topics among drivers in the UK. What are the rules that dictate when you are allowed to park on a yellow line? What is different about double yellow lines? This blog will inform you of the places you are able to park during the week and any consequences of breaking these rules.

What does a yellow line mean?

Single yellow lines can normally be found near busy roads and they put parking restrictions in place for certain times of the day, there restrictions are normally in place every day of the week unless specified by a sign. When this time in the evening has passed the restrictions are lifted and you are able to park within these lines until they are active again.

What does a double yellow line mean?

Normally you are not allowed to park on double yellow lines no matter what time of the day. However, there can be exceptions to this such as a nearby sign indicating you can park or if you are stopping for a short while to either drop off or pick up a passenger. You may also stop on double yellow lines if you are a blue badge holder; this allows you to park for up to 3 hours. However, if there are restrictions in place you must follow these first.

When can you park on yellow lines?

There are certain circumstances as to when you are able to park on yellow lines. This includes if you are a blue badge holder, by owning a blue badge you are able to park on both single and double yellow lines for up to 3 hours provided the blue badge is displayed clearly. You are also allowed to stop on double yellow lines for a short period of time to load or unload heavy goods.

Single yellow lines are more lenient, as they let you stop to pick up or drop off passengers. Before doing any of the above check for markings or signs as these will tell you what you can and cannot do.

Can I park in an urban clearway?

Urban Clearways operate similar to single yellow lines. During times of operation drivers are prohibited from parking on an urban clearway. The times of operation are normally shown on a sign and they inform you what time and days you are unable to park However, you are able to stop briefly in order to drop or pick up passengers.

Can I park on yellow lines on a Sunday and bank holiday?

Double yellow lines prohibit you from parking on them at any day of the week at any time, this rule also applies on weekends and bank holidays, usually these times and dates will be displayed on a sign showing when you are able to park in that specific location. Yellow lines restrictions are normally enforced every day of the year unless stated otherwise.

What are red lines and can I park in them?

Red Lines and red routes are primarily used in place of single and double yellow lines and they are specifically placed in busy areas and routes in order to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

They work similarly to yellow lines as if you are caught parked here you can receive a fine of up to £130. The difference between red routes and yellow lines is that on some red routes you are able to park for a short while or load/unload, however these will only be allowed in specially marked boxes and signs that specify this.

Is there anywhere I should never park?

When parking your car, there are a few places where this is prohibited, road marking will inform you whether you are able to park at this particular location. Examples such as yellow lines, red route lines, Clearways, loading bays and yellow zig zag lines.

Depending on where you are caught can determine if you are fined or let off with a warning