The Pure Touch - Road Angel unveils next generation in safety and speed awareness

The Pure Touch - Road Angel unveils next generation in safety and speed awareness

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Road Angel, the road safety technology specialist, has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of road safety and speed awareness devices, the Road Angel Pure Touch.

Featuring instant over-the-air updates, pinpoint GPS accuracy and incredible performance powered by an Ambarella H22 Quad Core Processor, the Pure Touch has been hailed as part of the ‘next generation' of devices due for release from the iconic automotive technology brand over the next 12 months.

With intuitive design including a new user interface created to complement the touch screen technology, the Pure Touch also features an energy efficient internal 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery, that whilst nearly double the size of its predecessor lasts much longer on a full charge.

Whilst sleek design and ease of use are clear to see, the Pure Touch is engineered first and foremost for accuracy, explains John Gooch, head of Research and Development for Road Angel.

‘At Road Angel, we passionately believe that we can help make Britain's roads safer by educating and empowering motorists to make better decisions about their driving. That is the mission that is at the heart of everything we do and to excel at that, we need accuracy and we need performance.

‘The Quad Core Processor means that the technology behind the Pure Touch is unleashed to its full potential, allowing it to work harder and faster yet in the most power-efficient way possible. Also, by utilising both internal and external GPS antennas, our new GPS technology positioning accuracy is unrivalled and fully compatible with standard heated windscreens and newer solar actuating windscreen technology (optional external GPS Antenna).

‘The dual laser detector improves the ability to detect both mobile laser safety enforcement and mobile safety camera van speed traps, however, this is about speed awareness, not detection avoidance. They are there for driver safety and if we can help people to drive better and with greater care and attention by being aware of the ever-changing conditions and alerting to them in good time we will help make our roads a safer place for everyone.'

Featuring EU Roaming (subject to subscription) for total peace of mind when travelling abroad, the new Road Angel Pure Touch is available for pre-order now at ahead of release on October 31st.