Why I need a Speed Awareness Device?

Why I need a Speed Awareness Device?

Many drivers out there think they don’t speed, they assume they drive well and I am sure you do, they all assume because they have not been caught speeding then they do not speed and because of those reasons above assume they don’t need a speed awareness device.

Road Angel Pure Speed Awareness products has been keeping the drivers of Britain’s roads safe for almost 20 years, what the Road Angel Pure does is making sure you are always in the know and you always know what to expect.

Do you think the Formula 1 Drivers drive alone or do they have a team working with them advising them of what to expect and what lies ahead of course they do so it’s wrong to assume you don’t need know help.

Knowing what is round the corner or the road ahead can make a massive difference to your driving, it can help you speed up or slow down, ensure you are driving in the correct gear and help you not to break the speed limit.

At Road Angel we issued a number of new customer a Road Angel Pure to test how long it would take to change their driving habits and the results were very surprising.

50 new customers to the brand were given a Pure speed awareness device, most of these customers said they don’t speed and don’t venture onto motorways. When we fitted the devices not the cars we recorded how many times that vehicle boke the speed limit and guess what over 80% broke the speed limit in every journey. WOW that’s shocking 80% broke the speed limit on every journey.

After having the Pure for 3 months these figures came down drastically and at the end of the test only 37% were braking the speed limit on some journeys and not all.

We asked all these drivers would you buy the Road Angel Pure and they all did. They were impressed on how accurate the data was and roads where they have been driving for years had new speed limits that they just did not know.

Overall the customers said “Road Angel made them a better driver”. This year we will carry out a bigger version of this test in Nottingham and will share images and videos from the day. If you want to buy your loved one the perfect Christmas gift this year buy them a Road Angel Pure for Christmas.